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Remove any Virus without Antivirus Software.

Anti-Virus are the most Reliable tool for getting rid of virus and other malicious files. There are many Antivirus companies which offer services like Professional Antivirus, Free Antivirus, Online Virus Scan, etc. But Still many hackers manage to breach this Security checks and get the control over users machine. The most trending and used method of getting Control over the user's machine is R.A.T ( Remote Access Trojans) .

Que. What are Remote Access Trojans ( R.A.T ) ??
Ans. Basically R.A.Ts are malicious programs which invisibly run in the system , and Allows an Intruder to take control over the System

So Lets start with it , The Steps will successfully Remove the Virus ( R.A.T ) from the System without use of any Software or AntirVirus.

Firstly , Go to Run ( For Windows 7 type Run in Start Menu ) . Now type in "msconfig" in run and click on "okay"

Now , Go to Startup in msconfig

Look for any Strange Process Such as


For making the Guide , I installed Rat on my System . So here you can see "svchost" ( It can be anything else, depending on the programmer of Rat)  . To the right in command there is "C:\Users\Benz". This is the Location of RAT file, this is where Rat works from .

Now , Don't Disable it . Because it will Re-appear . For Clearing out the Rat go to Task Manager ( Alt + Ctrl + Delete) and brose the "Process" tab . And look out for Something strange , as you did in the case of msconfig

Here you can see server.exe*32 is a has a Description " Remote Server Application ".

Now Disconnect your Internet , End Rat's process and Removes Rat's Startup from "mscofig".
The Process of Rat is removed , but it is still there in the system .

Go to Rat's Location and delete everything related to to it . ( You can refer to steps below , if you don't how to do it properly)

Click Here for all Steps

Restart your Computer , and Check if still any Rat process persist in Taskmanager and Startup.
If there is nothing suspicious then,

Congrats you have Successfully Removed the Rat 

Next time , to get rid of any Virus . You won't need Anitvirus


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