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Earn 40$ or more Daily from 3 minutes work.

Everybody who uses Internet sooner or later gets puzzled with one question “how everything on the Internet is available to me for free?” Especially while searching the big G (Google), one thing may strike a casual Internet user “why Google is helping me to find what I am looking for?” Then he simply starts searching on the same thing and finds that Google actually earns a lot from what it provides for free. That will obviously catch attention of the user to utilize the time he spends on Internet to make some extra money other than just passing time.

One of the easiest way to make that extra cash is by taking the help of Google and use its resources to make yourself some money in a very easy way. For this you need to do the following things:1. First go to and sign up to make your Blog. This is a blog service that is owned by Google so is very reliable and popular. After signing up use whatever theme you like for your blog and fill out all the details like blog name, blog address and blog title. Now click on next and your blog is ready for use.2. The next main thing is the niche of your blog. To find some good niche, go to and look for hot trends. Now just pick up one you think you can make a blog on and write 2 to 3 articles on it.3. Now publish those 2 to 3 articles on your blog and remember to include the exact trend keywords in your post title as well as at least three times in your post also. Remember not to plagiarize as search engines like Google hate that and is also not ethical. Make all your posts at least 300 to 400 words long.4. To get the earnings from the blog, go to monetize tab in your blog dashboard and apply for Google adsense. Your application will be approved normally within few hours and you will be then able to add Google ads in your blog above and below your posts from blogger monetize settings.5. Your blog will get indexed in Google and other search engines within few hours after your first post and if you wrote well on latest trends, you will start getting traffic from search results and people will read your posts and some will even take on your ads published by Google. You will be paid few cents for every click like anywhere between $0.50 to $2. So if you block gets 100 visitors daily and at least 10 clicks on your ad you will be making around $5-$7 daily for one blog. 6. Do not make just one blog, make one daily and you will be earning five dollars approximately from each blog on daily basis. Imagine after 15 days you have 10 blogs with five dollars of earnings with each blog. That will be around $50 daily by doing just one hour work daily. Isn't that easy enough. Then go Start doing work what are you waiting for?


  1. Making money though Adsense is really hard for individuals.



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