Hacking Facebook with BruteForce

Facebook is the most popular social networking website , and no wonder it pays it's developers a hard buck to make it secure for users. I usually see people asking ways to hack. and they usually get some stupid results. Many asks why can't we simply use Bruteforce on Facebook ??

So to them answer is No , Facebook have a strong security system, if you use BruteForce then the account will get locked after 5 tries . And will send notifications to users email . And if you still doubt on the Answer, then see the below chart and it will be clear how it is practically impossible

The picture above will show you how much time it will take if the computer is trying 10000 passwords at one second.The minimum length of Facebook password is 6 characters.That means even if there would be zero protection on the website, it would still take days to brute-force the password even if you have good computer.


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